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LASIK and PRK are procedures that reshape the cornea with LASER, allowing vision to be focused without glasses or contacts. We perform bladeless LASIK and PRK surgery using the latest femtosecond laser technology.  Ask about a free LASIK consultation when you book your appointment.




In LASIK, a corneal flap is created with a laser.  This flap is pulled open to expose the corneal bed underneath it.   Laser energy reshapes the corneal bed, to allow the eye to focus without spectacles.  The flap is then positioned over the treated corneal area and allowed to heal.  This procedure allows for rapid visual recovery and usually causes very little pain or discomfort.  On the other hand, it may result in dry eye syndrome and, rarely, in halos around lights at night-time (newer laser technology has diminished this side effect).  




In PRK, no flap is created.  Laser energy is applied directly to the surface of the cornea.  A corneal abrasion is formed during the procedure and some pain or discomfort will be felt up to five days afterwards.  Visual recovery is also slower, and achieving goal vision may take several weeks.  


We often recommend PRK for patients with corneal dystrophies, recurrent erosions, scars, or thin corneas Additionally patients whose eyes are moderately to severely dry or who have retinal degenerations should opt for PRK, rather than LASIK.  

Laser Vision Correction
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