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Our Services

At City Eye MD, we have subspecialists in most fields of ophthalmology.  We offer you care in cataract surgery, refractive surgery, glaucoma, retinal disease, corneal transplantation, and specialty contact lens fittings.  We fit scleral lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses and all types of soft contact lenses.  Our oculoplastics specialist offers the full range of cosmetic procedures, including Botox, Juviderm, and facial rejuvination.

Laser Vision Correction
Facial Rejuvination

We perform bladeless LASIK and PRK surgery using the latest femtosecond laser technology.  Ask about a free LASIK consultation when you book your appointment.

Cataract Surgery

We specialize in premium lens sutureless cataract surgery.  For the right candidate, a multifocal lens implant during cataract surgery can eliminate the need for glasses.  We have years of experience with complex cataract surgery and premium lens surgeryas well.  Please tell your doctor if you have ever used Flomax (Tamsulosin).

Botox and Cosmetic Surgery

​We offer the full gamut of Botox and facial rejuvenation cosmetic surgery, including eyelid lifts, fillers, and laser exfoliation.  We also repair ectropion, entropion (inward or outward laxity of the eyelid), excise eyelid lesions and chalazions and perform eyelid reconstructive surgery.

Corneal transplantation: full and partial (DSAEK)

For those suffering from corneal ectasias (such as keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration or corneal scarring), we offer the full range of services, including Intacs implantation, Collagen Crosslinking, and corneal transplantation.  As a medical advisory board member in the New York Eye Bank for Sight Restoration, Dr. Keshet has also garnered years of experience in partial corneal transplantation, known as DSAEK for patients with non-resolving corneal edema (swelling).

Custom contact lens fitting

We do specialty rigid gas permeable contact lens fitting, including several types of miniscleral contact lens fitting for patients with corneal diseases, such as Keratoconus, corneal scars, or other ocular surfaces diseases, including dry eye syndrome.


Dry Eye Management

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic, common and often difficult condition to manage.  With a strong background in corneal disease management, we are well equipped to treat dry eye syndrome with a variety of techniques, including drops, neutraceuticals, environmental factors, and devices such as punctal plugs.

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