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Patient Testimonials

"I couldn't have chosen a better doctor to perform my PRK surgery. The thought of it scared me at first but Dr. Keshet reassured me that everything would be okay and it was.


She is very knowledgeable, experienced and cares about her patients. She was there for me with any questions or anything that I needed after the surgery.


I highly recommend Dr. Keshet to anyone looking to get PRK Surgery."

Vita R.
Queens, NY


" My experience with Dr. Keshet was nothing but wonderful. She is so pleasant and kind making me extremely comfortable as I was very nervous for my PRK procedure. She also was able to answer all of the questions I had and all of the information she provided about my recovery and progress of my healing was 100% accurate. Dr. Keshet is an expert in her field and I am so happy to have chosen her for my laser eye surgery. I had been wearing glasses since I was 8 years old and now I can see perfectly! "


N. P.

Queens, NY

"My experience with Dr. Keshet was amazing.  I rarely have cause to see an eye professional, so when I damaged my cornea I was extremely upset and worried about my vision, not to mention in a significant amount of pain.  Dr. Keshet saw me right away. Before she examined the eye she listened fully to my explanation as to what had happened.  She then quickly examined my eye, diagnosed the problem, and alleviated the pain.  While she worked she explained what she was doing and how the eye had been damaged, which I found really reassuring.  My vision was back to normal almost immediately, and  I was able to go home and close my eye and get some much needed rest.  She checked in with me a few days later to see how I was doing. "



Philadelphia, PA

"Dr. Maayan Keshet is a corneal specialist that was highly recommended to me for PRK surgery.  Therefore, I was confident that the surgery would go well. In addition, Dr. Keshet was extremely welcoming and comforting throughout the whole entire process. Today I just love waking up with clear vision, without any glasses and contact lenses. "


Tim K.

New York, NY

Maayan Keshet MD

"Dr. Keshet, You're the Man! I can't thank you enough for helping me see again.  You changed my life."


Chris T.

Bronx, NY

"In November, I visited several doctors to discuss Lasik eye surgery. Dr.Keshet proved to be the most approachable, calming, and caring doctor. After a thorough exam and explanation, she encouraged me to go through with PRK and to wait until January for the surgery, whereas the four other doctors/organizations I visited were pushing me to go with Lasik and were even able to schedule me for surgery the following week! She spent the time to go over the differences between Lasik and PRK, but specifically focused on my eye needs.  When I returned for the surgery in January, her calming presence eased any sense of nerves. She made sure to be available by phone or email in case I felt something out of the ordinary following the surgery and the next day follow up. Overall, Dr. Keshet proved to be the perfect choice. Six months later, I am seeing 20/20! I would definitely recommend her to family and friends."



New York, NY

"I am deeply grateful for all that you've done for me. I appreciate your kind attitude, intelligence, and the attention you give. I'll recommend you to my friends, relatives, and peers in case they are in need of your services."


Dr. D.

New York, NY


"Dr. Keshet is a compassionate and wonderful doctor. She diagnosed my Mother with Narrow Angles and allowed her to get the proper treatment. My Mother usually gets pretty anxious around doctors, but was completely comfortable and enjoyed being with Dr. Keshet."



New York, NY

"I really appreciated Dr. Keshet because she took the time to listen to me and to make me  feel comfortable.  She really cares about her patients.   I see so clearly after my cataract surgery with Dr. Keshet and I feel lucky and grateful that I found her."



Passaic, NJ

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your expert and skilled professionalism: because of your expertise, my cataract surgery was a success.

I am still amazed at how clearly I see, how I do not need any visual aid to read, and it has been of great improvement to my quality of life."



Bronx, NY

"It was January 2010 when I first went to see Dr. Keshet for my eye surgery. My long time eye doctor sent me to her for cataract and DSAEK cornea transplant. Needless to say I was very scared. I had both cataract and cornea surgeries done that year. I was overwhelmed with the results. I never realized how bad my eyes were until I could see so good again. She is so professional and caring for her patients. Thank you for improving my life. You are my doctor, and my friend."



Manhattan, NY

"I sincerely thank you for your skilled and caring service over the past two years. I look forward, now more clearly, to many more years in your care."



Manhattan, NY

Dr. Keshet has a wonderful bedside manner. She's very caring and has a wonderful personality. She explained everything she was doing and quickly resolved my issue. I highly recommend her!

"This was my first visit to Dr Keshet & I couldn't be happier with my choice. Seriously, she is GREAT!! She is incredibly knowledgeable , and really a lovely woman. She is obviously very accomplished, but I have had doctors like that be very arrogant in person. Dr. Keshet is the exact opposite, she was so patient and kind. Her staff was great too. The woman before me was there with 3 kids & Dr. Keshet was seeing them all, I thought it would be a nightmare (no offense to moms). But everything went really smooth and I was definitely impressed. I would absolutely give Dr Keshet the highest reccomendation!"



Manhattan, NY


"Probably the best medical office experience I've ever had - everyone there was friendly, super helpful, and on top of everything. Went for a lunch hour appointment (typically very busy time) and was brought in as soon as I finished my new patient paperwork. Dr. Keshet was patient, explained everything she was doing, why, and the results clearly, and was very friendly and extremely nice."



Upon arriving at the office I was greeted nicely by the receptionist. I had completed all of my paperwork online and as per ZocDoc I mentioned that I had done so. The receptionist had trouble printing the documents so I was asked to just complete the first page. Not a big deal. I waited for about 10 minutes before being seen by Dr. Keshet's assistant. She did her pre-examination and let me to another room to wait for Dr. Keshet. I wasn't waiting more than 5 minutes and Dr. Keshet came in to see me. She was very nice and personable. Unlike most physicians that don't seem to really care about you or give you the time to explain your situation, Dr. Keshet gave me time to explain why I had come to see her and seemed generally interested in my well-being, which I greatly appreciated. She took time to answer the questions I had and made me feel very comfortable during the whole examination. I would definitely recommend her to others.

Dr. Keshet is very thorough and patient. She explains things clearly and is very gentle when performing and exam or procedure. Her demeanor is sincere and kind. I would highly recommend her.


Great doctor. Very kind and easy to talk to. Answers all your questions and explains all your options. If do not what to go through the hassel of dealing with hospitals or doctors who are not as experienced, stick with Dr.Keshet because she cares about solving your problems and seeing positive results!


My visit was absolutely wonderful. The front desk was extremely accommodating with any questions I had and the doctor was very sweet. She took her time going over all my concerns which I appreciated.


That was the most thorough eye examination I have had. She was personable and very informative. I feel confident with her looking after my eyes

Dr. Keshet was open and responsive to questions, clearly explained medical terminology, very personable, and professional. She clearly explained different scenarios and options for me. Very satisfied! The support staff was also very courteous, helpful, and friendly.

Friendly and relatable, put me at ease. Warm, kind staff. Office very clean and comfortable.

Excellent, professional treatment.

Dr. Keshet was fantastic. Very friendly, thorough, and really listens. I'd highly recommend her to anyone -- this was the best ophthalmologist experience I've had!

I couldn't be happier with my visit with Dr. Keshet!!! I went in to see her for a consultation of a condition I was diagnosed with 11 years ago. Dr. Keshet thoroughly examined me and was able to tell me why my former ophthalmologist may have diagnosed me with this condition but luckily, I didn't have it for a number of explainable reasons. Not only was I most grateful for her competency and professionalism, she was extremely friendly and approachable. I'm so glad to call her my ophthalmologist now!!!

Dr. Keshet was simply amazing. One of the best doctors I've ever been to, actually. Her office is modern, clean and comfortable...with an outstanding staff (front desk and nurse). Dr. Keshet's "bedside" manner was both professional and comforting. She informed me of what was going on with my eye, what my options were, and then successfully treated it the same day. I'm somewhat a little sad that I can cancel my follow-up. If you need an ophthalmologist in NYC, look no further than Dr. Keshet and Eye MD.

Dr. Keshet is really personable. She asked me a lot of questions before even looking at my eyes so that she had the full story. I left feeling like she had given me all the information I needed.

Dr. Keshet was perfect.

Very convenient location in Manhattan, mid town area. Very spacious and clean, nicely decorated office and examining rooms. The entire staff was very friendly and professional. My concerns were met with extra examining time and thorough screening. Would definitely come back each year for annual check up. Great experience. Thank you!!!!

Dr. Keshet is very knowledgeable regarding many eye disorders and has been instrumental in helping treat my Keratoconus.

She is amazing

I went to Dr. Keshet for a second opinion because I felt the first doctor I saw for the same condition misdiagnosed me. I'm glad I went because by gut feeling was correct. Dr. Keshet is very personable, has a wonderful bedside manner and is incredibly attentive. I've seen a wide range of doctors and specialists but Dr. Keshet is above all the rest; she took the time to listen to my concerns and actually cared about them. She spent extra time with me to discuss any questions I had and after an in-office procedure, she waited with me to make sure everything was copacetic. Dr. Keshet will be my Ophthalmologist moving forward and I highly recommend her.

Very professional and knowledgeable.


Dr. Keshet is an excellent, extremely professional doctor. I came to her while I had a serious eye concern, I was seen right away. She understood my concern, and I was treated immediately. Dr. Keshet has a very caring, compassionate, and wonderful bedside manner. She is extremely knowledgeable. The office is very clean, comfortable and welcoming. It also had newer and more advanced equipment. The office staff are very nice, very pleasant and have a lot of patience.

Beautiful office, great staff and a doctor who is warm and personable.

Dr. Keshet,

Thank you so much for making time to treatmy corneal abrasion in March. This was our first trip to New York City, and although it sucked have a sore eye, you made it mcuh better. Your kindness, genuine concern, and expertisse, made me feel like I was in good hands. I wish I could fly down to New York for all of my eye care! I've told everyone about how awesome you are, so I thought I'd better tell you too. Thank You!


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