March 25, 2015





One of Tom Cruise's most talked about stunts in Mission Impossible 5 involves wearing scleral contact lenses to protect his eyes, while he hangs onto a fighter jet flying 5000 feet above the British countryside.  These custom-fit contact lenses allowed him to open...

January 8, 2015

If you live in New York and have ventured outdoors over the past few days, you have experienced the bitter cold and freezing winds of the polar vertex.  It's quite likely you've also experienced tearing from yours eyes when the wind gusted against your face.  Kelly Rip...

August 17, 2014

There are several ways pregnancy can change your vision. The first, is a disrutpion in the eye's baseline tearing mechanism, which results in dry eye syndrome.  For many women, this may mean increased contact lens intolerance, burning, or ocular foreign body sensation....

July 14, 2014

Almost everyone of us has had the misfortune of developing a stye or a chalazion (a red and sometimes painful bump on the eyelid).  There are many ways of treating this inflammatory eyelid condition, including: warm compresses, medicated drops, steroid injection/s, and...

May 26, 2014

Bill Nye the Science Guy tackles the eternal question: are carrots good for your vision?


For the Video Click Here.

May 7, 2014

Venus Williams talks about struggling with Sjogren's disease, a condition that causes dry mouth, dry eyes, and joint pains.

February 28, 2014

Patients often ask me about Marijuana and its therapeutic effects on intraocular pressure in glaucoma management.  Here is an interesting article I came across on the American Academy of Ophthalmology:

February 1, 2014

If you are looking for natural ways to improve dry eye syndrome, consider eating more fish, or foods containing omega three fatty acids.  Regular hydration with water, having a humidifier in your home or work environment, and avoiding fans will also help keep the surfa...

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Venus Williams and Sjogren's Disease

May 7, 2014

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February 28, 2014

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