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Tom Cruise Wears Scleral Lenses for MI5

One of Tom Cruise's most talked about stunts in Mission Impossible 5 involves wearing scleral contact lenses to protect his eyes, while he hangs onto a fighter jet flying 5000 feet above the British countryside. These custom-fit contact lenses allowed him to open

his eyes (for filming purposes), despite the gusting winds. We use the same scleral lenses to treat patients with severe dry eye syndrome, because they bathe the corneas in saline throughout the day and significantly improve dry eye symptoms. We also use these types of lenses in irregular corneal diseases, such as Keratoconus and other corneal ectasias (corneas with astigmatism that cannot be adequately corrected with glasses or soft contact lenses), because they vault over the entire cornea and will not fall off like ordinary soft contacts.

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